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Chrono Trigger – Super Monday Jam #07

We send-off the season with a Square classic, but you'd best believe these arrangements are anything but square. Or circle. Or any conceivable shape,...

World 1 Recall Announcement

It has come to our attention that some of the World 1 CDs that were sold over the course of Sydney Supanova were subject...

[SYD/MELB] June/July Gig Round-up

Jazz is happening. It's all around us. If you're in Sydney, Melbourne and possibly even on the internet we've got a heap of shows...

[Syd] Foundry 616 – July 24th

We'll be returning to Foundry 616 in July to celebrate the end of Super Monday Jam's first season. There'll be tonnes of new tunes...

Max’s Theme (Advance Wars)

Blue Moon jazz! What? No. The other Blue Moon Get notified when this MP3 becomes available to download

Okami – Super Monday Jam #06

Who knew Feudal Japanese music would have so much math?

Donkey Kong Country – Super Monday Jam #05

Donkey Kong Country is a series about a bunch of monkeys jumping around flailing so that's about one-to-one with this week's SMJ experience.

Live at Play Bar, 29/05/2016

A set from Dean's last gig with us for the year from our May stint at Play Bar. They say all good things come...