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Snowman (Earthbound)

The changing of the seasons also brings us to the end of SMJ Season 2, featuring our take on this Mother classic. Grab the MP3...

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – Super Monthly Jam #24

A special double episode calls for a special lineup! Joining us for the first time ever, Jono joins Gamra and Julian to take on this...

The Spine (Transistor)

The Consouls Goes Pop is the SMJ spin-off this banger needed! Grab the MP3 on your music service of choice below      Want to get the album...

SMJ Highlights #6 – Final Fantasy IX

The melodies of life become the melodies of VB, Tigran and more as we take on this Final Fantasy classic! Watch the full vid here...

The Consouls Go Global – The Kick On #6

3 sets of stories from 3 different continents! This week we talk about recordings in America, shiny new basses and much more Submit segments and...

Lynne (Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective)

The SMJ Season 2 bonus track comes complete with the most Targeted Redhead of the season. Grab the MP3 on your music service of choice...

Final Fantasy IX – Super Monthly Jam #23

The Melodies of Life become the Melodies of SMJ as we arrange the music of Final Fantasy IX.

SMJ Highlights #5 – Chocobo’s Dungeon 2

Chunky thwamps, fusion band cuts and MALLETS? Here are some of the best bits from our take on Chocobo's Dungeon 2's soundtrack. Watch the full...