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Take Over (Persona 5 Royal)

To celebrate the Japanese release of Persona 5 Royal, we took over this hot new battle theme for the Phantom Theives! Grab the MP3 on...

Shadow of the Colossus – Super Monthly Jam #27

We started in the shadows of the club and took this COLOSSAL soundtrack all through the music world.

Butter Building (Kirby’s Adventure)

Rounding out the Month of Jono is an (almost) full band take on this Kirby banger! Grab the MP3 on your music service of choice...

An Underlying Problem (Shovel Knight) – Consouls Jams

Sometimes, you gotta go fast. Sometimes you gotta go uhh... Too fast. In our final #FreePlayVGM upload, we do some speed soul searching as...

We Go 8-bit and Get A New Guitarist – The Kick On #9

Wowow it's been a big month! We celebrated our NEW GUITARIST JONO with weekly videos, we dipped our toe into 8-bit and survived a...

Tea Time (YMCK) – The Consouls feat. YMCK

Bet this is a collab you didn't see coming! We're joined by the musical styling of YMCK to create some 8-bit x jazzy goodness. Follow...

Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest) – Consouls Jams

As part of Free Play 2019, we pulled out one of our favourite arrangements and gave it a fresh coat of jazz. Check out the...

Overcooked Main Theme

The kitchen's on fire and we need about 30 onions but that didn't stop Tim and Jono from adding a little jazz spice to...