About us

Hi! We’re the Consouls, a Sydney based ensemble best known for our arrangements of video game music on YouTube. We got our start with jazz arrangements all the way back in 2014, but these days, our repertoire has expanded out into everything from funk to fusion and everything in between. Our arrangements can be found on our YouTube channel and music streaming services.

In addition to our public facing performances both in-person and via livestream, we operate as a production house specialising in:

  • Live performances for both private and public functions and events
  • Audio tracking and other live recordings
  • Arrangements and original compositions

If you have any inquiries, business or otherwise, please feel free to fill out the form below.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have scores of your arrangements?

    Some of our arrangements are available, along with a bunch of other cool perks, as part of our Patreon subscription over at patreon.com/theconsoulsband

    Can I use your music in a video?

    By all means! We just ask that if you use our music, please provide written credit back to the original video on our channel. An example of the format would be as follows:
    Music provided by The Consouls: youtube.com/VideoLinkHere

    Just so that if your viewers want to find us, they can.

    Are you available for commissions?

    Absolutely! We’re available for anything from backing tracks for covers to original compositions and everything in between.