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Consouls Radio #5 (August 2020)

@benciomusic joins us this month for some dual guitar goodness! Recorded live August 23rd, 2020 @

Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)

The last Super Monthly Jam tune is here! Go follow Jason on Instagram for his awesome work on the video, we couldn't have done...

Gathers Under Night (Under Night In-Birth) feat. @benciomusic

Bencio's back and so is Under Night for some the chillest fusion character select screen you've ever heard.

Scarlet’s Theme (Final Fantasy VII Remake) [Sapphire feat. The Consouls]

You've heard her voice on countless occasions, but Sapphire joins us in the flesh for the first time for this Remake banger! Grab the MP3...

Fall ‘n’ Roll (Fall Guys) Band Cover feat. @benciomusic

@benciomusic joins us for some double guitar goodness! Give this man a follow on Instagram

Banana Split (Boomerang Fu) Original Composition by Zorsy

The first original on our channel ever! The band took on Zorsy's composition as featured in Boomerang Fu. Who said you can't give a...

Donut Plains (Super Mario Kart)

Can you spot the lick though? Grab the MP3 on your music service of choice below      Want to get the album in a lossless (.wav) format?...

Raindrop Flower (Maplestory) Band Version

Wrapping up the last of our July Radio excerpts is another tune we HAD to do eventually as a band... so we did Check out...