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Super Mario Kart – Super Monthly Jam #26

Audio issues couldn't stop this SUPER episode of everyone's favourite kart racer

Rhythm Heaven Fever – SMJ Highlights #8

Fact: If you press A out of time enough times, it's actually just the Konami Code of jazz.

Galdin Quay (Final Fantasy XV)

What better way to welcome Jono to the family than bringing back Chronicles? Jono and Julian get the party started. Grab the MP3 on your...

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – SMJ Highlights #7

Jono, Jonno and Julian take an island holiday to take on another banger SNES OST

We Recorded Things – The Kick On #7

Almost 25 hours in the studio gave us almost 25 hours of stuff to talk about! Not really, but we do talk about how...

Rhythm Heaven Fever – Super Monthly Jam #25

A rhythm game goes jazz? Mash A for the hottest polyrhythms.

Snowman (Earthbound)

The changing of the seasons also brings us to the end of SMJ Season 2, featuring our take on this Mother classic. Grab the MP3...

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island – Super Monthly Jam #24

A special double episode calls for a special lineup! Joining us for the first time ever, Jono joins Gamra and Julian to take on this...