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An Underlying Problem (Shovel Knight) – Consouls Jams

Sometimes, you gotta go fast. Sometimes you gotta go uhh... Too fast. In our final #FreePlayVGM upload, we do some speed soul searching as...

We Go 8-bit and Get A New Guitarist – The Kick On #9

Wowow it's been a big month! We celebrated our NEW GUITARIST JONO with weekly videos, we dipped our toe into 8-bit and survived a...

Tea Time (YMCK) – The Consouls feat. YMCK

Bet this is a collab you didn't see coming! We're joined by the musical styling of YMCK to create some 8-bit x jazzy goodness. Follow...

Forest Interlude (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest) – Consouls Jams

As part of Free Play 2019, we pulled out one of our favourite arrangements and gave it a fresh coat of jazz. Check out the...

Overcooked Main Theme

The kitchen's on fire and we need about 30 onions but that didn't stop Tim and Jono from adding a little jazz spice to...

National Park (Pokémon Gold/Silver)

What better time to debut a brand new SMJ arrangement then as part of Free Play 2019? We took a stroll through the National...

Raindrop Flower (Maplestory)

Psst, meet in Channel 4 for the hottest Maplestory jazz Grab the MP3 on your music service of choice below      Want to get the album in...

Max’s Theme (Advance Wars) – Consouls Jams

As part of Free Play 2019, we did some jamming on a bangin' old Advance Wars arrangement. Check out the original video of Max's Theme here.