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Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late – Super Monthly Jam #29

Talk about ending the season with a BANGER! You asked, so we delivered - ANIMEEEEEE

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – SMJ Highlights #11

From phrygian kings to gross islands, we certainly gave this iconic Zelda soundtrack a makeover

Time of Trials (Chocobo’s Dungeon 2)

Our time is always on trial in this band, but thankfully we brought alone a feathery friend to help with this arrangement! Grab the MP3...

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Super Monthly Jam #29

It's heating up down under so we thought we'd hit the beach and sail through this iconic Zelda OST - We jazz up The...

Is KFC good? – The Kick On #10 (The Consouls Podcast)

In our latest episode of our podcast, The Kick On, we ask the most important question - is KFC actually good? We rank fast...

Take Over Vocal Mix (Persona 5 Royal) [Sapphire feat. The Consouls]

You've got a hot new Persona battle theme in need of a vocalist, who do you call? The wonderful Sapphire of course. Grab the MP3...

National Park (Pokémon Gold/Silver)

Every Bug-Catching Contest needs a good backdrop, so we took a walk to the National Park and got some jazz on the case. Grab the...

Shadow of the Colossus – SMJ Highlights #10

A colossal soundtrack calls for some colossal arrangements so we graduated from playing in 7 (back to playing in 7), channeled our inner 50...