An update on Consouls ii-V


Hey all,
Consouls ii-V has not been available for the last couple of weeks and I thought I’d explain the status of that album now that the issue is more or less resolved. There was an issue with the licensing on Max’s Theme and despite the fact it was cleared by our distributor initially, we are no longer able to offer that track for streaming or purchasing. We’ve discounted the album to compensate for the fact it’s no longer a 5 track EP and the remaining tracks have returned to all stores.

What does this mean for Max’s Theme and future tracks with this issue? We’re going to offer these tracks as a free download on our site via a discography page, which should be up and running next week. It’s not ideal, as a lot of people prefer streaming services to access our music, but we believe this is the best compromise we can reach in this situation. Patrons will gain access to WAV versions of tracks that have this issue, with a high quality MP3 available for everyone else.

Apologies for the silence on this, we’ve been doing our best to find the right solution and we believe this is the best thing to do going forward.