An update on mp3 download schedules


As some of you may know, after one of our videos goes live on YouTube it takes quite a bit of time for that video to become available as an MP3. Every 5 or so videos, we’ve released them as bundles which can often results in a lengthy period between when a video goes up and when it’s been available for download.

THIS (sort of) CHANGES NOW! MP3s will now be available as singles alongside new videos on upload day exclusively on Loudr. This means that if you’re after a particular track there’s no more waiting, it’s there when you want it.

If you’re a fan of the bundles or use other music services, don’t worry. The bundles will still get released as usual on Loudr, iTunes and Google Play as well as being available for streaming on Spotify.

The release schedule is something we’re constantly trying to improve upon and we’ll look for your feedback to further improve it in the future!