Introducing the Super Monday Jam


We’ve battled through gear woes, internet troubles and just about every other trial and tribulation we could have possibly faced, but we are pleased to¬†finally announce a brand-new weekly show coming to the channel. We’d like to introduce to you all the Super Monday Jam, a Twitch based show where we arrange new music with you! Here’s how it works:

Every Monday at 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time on our Twitch channel, we’ll pick a game and arrange tunes from said game with the Twitch chat for about an hour a week. Tunes are selected from the previous video’s comments and games for the following week are selected at the end of every episode from the queue, which you can add games to here whenever you like. Tunes can also be requested alongside a game suggestion, though we encourage getting involved in the YouTube comments if you can’t catch it live.

There are still plenty of kinks to work out as the format is brand new, so if you have any feedback as the show grows we’d love to hear it. It sucks that we’re announcing this the week we won’t have a show (sup Melbourne?), but best believe we’ll be keeping this show around for a fair while!